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PB Marketing was established by Peter Blight to market innovative devices and products that he believed would be of benefit to farmers and livestock owners. Starting with the acclaimed Mastitis Detector, which remains a popular product, the catalogue has grown as Peter has discovered further products he himself felt he would have found invaluable in his own farming and agricultural enterprises.

A description of each of the products offered through this site is provided below, find out more by visiting the page for each product. Contact PBM if you have any questions or would like further information about any of the products - including a price list.

The Mastitis/Cell Count Detector.... A device from Draminski, available in three models, that detects impending and sub-clinical mastitis causing cell count problems, unmasking it at its earliest stage to enable early treatment
A Pregnancy Scanner and a Detector.....

A scanner and an ultrasonic device, again from Draminski and both fully portable, for the early detection of pregnancy; one for cows, the other for sheep, goats and pigs.

Milk Comp Analysis..... An instrument from Scope Electric to analyse the composition of milk that stands out in its ability to maintain steady results from multiple milk samples at different temperatures and density.
Estrous Detector..... Another device from Draminski, small and fully portable, for detecting estrous and early pregnancy - vitally important in any breeding programme.
The 5 Minute Antibiotic Tester..... A fast, easy, sensitive and accurate test for antibiotics in milk - results in 5 minutes!
Soil and Crop Products..... And finally, two more products from Draminski: the first, an agricultural thermometer to monitor your crops and other products in storage; the second, a pH Meter for soil and liquids.

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