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ANIMALprofi L - Portable veterinary ultrasound scanner for profressionals.....

DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi- Portable vetinary ultrasound scanner for professionals.....

The SonoFarm Mini - diagnosis of pregnancy in sheep and goats.....

Ultrasound scanner DRAMINSKI ANIMALprofi L is designed for complete and reliable reproduction diagnosis in small and large animals.
The small size, and light weight, make this unit comfortable to use even in the most demanding conditions.

AnimalProfiL CaseThe scanner comes with the following standard equipment:

        • scanner body with linear probe (7.5 MHz)
        • 2 external batteries and 1 charger
        • set of cables and straps to carry scanner
        • transport case
        • gel for ultrasonography
        • operation manual


The most important menu features are:

  • display modes: B, B+B, M
  • measurement of scanned object (size and area)
  • memory for 200 images
  • Cine-loop memory for 119 frames
  • 2x zoom
  • gain control
  • image freezing

Additional accessories are available to make it even easier to examine animals in the most difficult conditions, eg in cowsheds or pigpens, as well as in veterinary practice.

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DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi for cows

DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi is a portable ultrasound scanner for professional reproduction diagnosis in small and large animals.

This is the first ultrasound scanner for professionals that combines full portability, superior picture quality and extreme durability!

Complete comfort of use, even in the most demanding conditions, is provided by small size and light weight. DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi provides you with extreme flexibility because it can work both with rectal and abdominal probe.

DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi can also be used in mares, pigs, sheep, dogs and cats.


Standard equipment consists of the following: AnimalProfi Case

  • mechanical sector 5.0 MHz probe (abdominal for sows, ewes and bitches or rectal for cows and mares)
  • 2 external rechargeable batteries
  • a full set of cables
  • charger
  • straps to carry scanner round the neck and hip
  • gel for ultrasonography (250ml)
  • manual written in clear and comprehensible language
  • handy case

Why single out DRAMIŃSKI ANIMALprofi?

Because we offer you:

  • 2 year warranty
  • reliable and fast customer service (repairs within 48 hours)
  • very long operation time (9h max)
  • numerous extra features:
    • superior picture quality
    • B and B+B Mode
    • 2 times zoom
    • backfat measurement
    • built-in memory for scanned pictures (up to 200 in standard and even more on your request)
    • Cine-Loop memory (up to 119 frames)
    • data transmission to PC
    • high impact durable casing and construction
    • multiple uses: for examination in both large and small animals

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Pregnancy DetectorThe SonoFarm mini
A fully portable, ultrasonic instrument for quick detection of pregnancy in sheep and goats.

SonoFarm mini was designed especially for farmers who want to inspect their animals on their own but also for professionals requiring simple and economic ultrasound system detection pregnancy only.

Why is it so important?

Early and independent determination of pregnancy saves time and money. Our idea was to create a simple in use but very strong and durable scanner that would prove efective even in most demanding field conditions.

Using an ultrasound scanner it is possible to detect pregnancy as early as on 30th day in sheep and goats. Yet, an experienced user can do it much earlier.

The advantages of SonoFarm mini:

  • simple operation, small dimensions and weight
  • robust aluminium housing – both shock and moisture-proof which is siginificant especially in all field application
  • internal battery working for 3.5 h non-stop; recharging time is 2h 50 min only
  • practical keyboard and high-quality 5’’ LCD monitor
  • integrated sector mechanical abdominal probe

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